TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap™

Visualizes what is hidden in trading!

Your Edge for Consistent Trading!

TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap™ is a unique trading concept based on markets hidden activities
Professional traders will get signals based on in-depth data analysis in real time.
Clear, precise and objective!

Volume Spikes

TTW-TradeFinder detects and depicts Volume Spikes on Bookmap™ chart. Volume Spikes characteristics like traded price, traded market volume on bid and ask, traded ticks (pips, cent, etc) and traded ratio shows you instantly the information you need.
Learn more about Volume Spikes


Sweeps are fast directional moves ignited by ALGOs. TTW-TradeFinder analyses every data string for sweeps and depicts them on Bookmap™ chart. Based on a single order-ID TTW-TradeFinder notifies you when Sweeps based on your configuration are detected.
Learn more about Sweeps

Hidden Orders

Hidden Orders, or Iceberg Orders, are executed 'behind the curtain'. TTW-TradeFinder analyzes 'Market-By-Order' data. Based on MbO data TTW-TradeFinder finds reliably native and synthetic hidden orders. You can even display 'combined' hidden orders on the unique 'Hidden Order Plot'.
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Orderbook Imbalance

Market seeks equilibrium. Orderbook Imbalances are one of the most important trading signals. TTW-TradeFinder analyzes the Orderbook for imbalances. That opens a totally new view on your traded instrument, doesn't matter whether stock, future or crypto.
Learn more about Orderbook Imbalances

Hidden Liquidity Changes

Hidden liquidity changes are of high importance for a trader to mind in time liquidity changes of interest. TTW-TradeFinder depicts those levels in time. You can review and justify your trading decisions based on sudden liquidity changes.
Learn more about liquidity changes


TTW-TradeFinder displays absorption events levels on the chart when they transact based on configured volume in TTW-TradeFinder settings. Absorption happens when market or aggressor volume hit limit bid/ask to completely consume all volume.
Learn more about Absorption

Price Alerts

Stay away from your Desktop and be alerted in time when an important price level you have defined and set is traded. TTW-PriceAlerts allows you to define a price level for all instruments. By customizing and activating the TTW-PriceAlert line you will be alerted by customizable sounds and Telegram alerts.
Learn more about Price Alerts

Dynamic Iceberg Developments (DID)

Icebergs can be executed immediately. Icebergs of “big size” need time to get filled and transacted. Algos optimize the execution price and size. TTW-TradeFinder visualizes the precise execution path, price, and time as the iceberg transaction process progresses.
Learn more about DIDs

New features in TTW-TradeFinder V.3.4

Free for Bookmap™ Replay

Any TTW-TradeFinder package and version is free to be used for the Bookmap™ replay function. Download here and start right away. No need to enter a licence.

Market Volume Stops

Market Volume Stops measures volume stops based on vDelta and alert when significant Market Stops occur.
Learn more about Market Volume Stops

Why using TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap™

TTW-TradeFinder is always one step ahead!
Here is why you should have TTW-TradeFinder installed for consistent daily trading.

Trading Signals

TTW-TradeFinder displays detailed information about Icebergs, Orderbook Imbalances, Liquidity Changes, Sweeps, Absorptions - all in one package! You will experience fact-based trading on objective signals.

Visual Presentation

All TTW-TradeFinder signals are directly depicted on Bookmap™ chart. Customizable alerts gives you guidance throughout the trading session. No more indicator lines and confusion!


TTW-TradeFinder can be applied to futures and stocks. As many as you want! Configure every single instrument individually.

Support and Service

Unprecedented support and service by our top-notch trading and developer team. We develop our software for our trading, and thus we know what YOU need. We create the ultimate edge for your and our trading!

Messenger Notification

Let TTW-TradeFinder inform you proactively when a selected event has been triggered. Telegram messenger will notify you immediately. No need to stay in front of your trading station. Relax!

Analysis Tools

TTW-TradeFinder provides powerful and objective analytic tools for every market. Volume and Liquidity meter give you the best insights of any instrument traded. Our hidden order (iceberg) 'Track & Trace' indicator gives you in-depth insights into icebergs and their behavior.

Stocks, Futures, Cryptos

TTW-TradeFinder can be used for analyzing stocks, futures and cryptos. We support dxFeed for stocks. To analyze and visualize icebergs TTW-TradeFinder needs Rithmic Market-by-Order (MbO) data. dxFeed does not provide MbO so far (October 2021).

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Our Plans for TTW-TradeFinder for Bookmap™


  • dxFeed Support
  • Hidden Orders
  • Synthetic, Native, Combined
  • Hidden Order Navigator
  • Hidden Order Plot
  • Dynamic Iceberg Development
  • Volume Spikes
  • Sweeps
  • Absorption
  • Current avg. Liq./Vol.
  • Liq. and Vol. External 'Live View'
  • Relative Liq. Change
  • Absolute Liq. Change
  • Imbalance Tracker
  • Price Alerts
  • Market Volume Stop
  • Sound Alerts
  • Customized Sounds
  • Messenger Notification
  • Free for replay
  • Licence Management
  • User Guide

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